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Osho. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Otoons - Great spiritual resource full of comics, toons, jokes, music, art, animation and wisdom from Osho.

VIHA - Osho Information Center - Online shop with books, CD's with spiritual, indian music, music for meditation, video with lectures, discussions and interviews, audio tapes. Center events, Viha Connection magazine: selections from former issues, subscription info.

Friends of Osho - About Osho, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh bibliography including 1,500+ covers in 15 languages, directory of Osho sannyasins and centers. Quotes and excerpts from Osho's books, Osho discourse, art gallery, jokes.

Osho World - Website of Osho World Foundation. Quotes from Osho's books, photo gallery, online magazine, list of meditation camps and centers, shop of osho's books, collectibles, E-books, e-cards, wallpapers, screensavers.

Osho.com - Big material about meditation practice, active meditations suggested by Osho and other techniques, story about Osho meditation resort in Puna, India with pictures, art, 140 downloadable audio records of Osho talks, 227 texts of Osho's books to download, online shop, newsletter.

Sannyas News - This web-site is run by a group of sannyasins based in London. Includes articles, letters, list of Osho's disciples and sannyas teachers and some their articles and quotes, message board for sannyasins, news, announcements about meditations, retreats, seminars.

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Osho Books
The Book of
Osho. The Book of Secrets. Read more about the book

Osho Zen Taro
Osho Zen Taro. Read more about the book

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Osho Music
Osho Kundalini and Dynamic Active Meditation
Osho Kundalini and Dynamic Active Meditation. Music CD. Buy Online

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